Production of peppers in Martonoš was initiated by a landed gentleman and scientist Count Karas. Vitamin C was for the first time extracted from the peppers from Martonoš, with Count Karas being a member of the team tat won the Nobel Prize for their discovery.

Quality of soil, climatic conditions, annual number of sunny days and dedication to work have had a decisive influence on significant results accomplished in agriculture by the producers from Northern Vojvodina. Inspired by tradition and experience, households from Martonoš have been improving production of industrial seasoning peppers for years. The Hajdin family was among the pioneers.

Over the decades-long dedicated efforts, Dušan Hajdin’s family developed a prestigious manufacturing-processing “SD” system, achieving delicious quality of the products, which included the company in the group of the largest producers in the region, with the seasoning peppers production capacities being the largest in Europe. From the very beginning, the company has undergone continuous modernization and currently it may process 150 to 200 tons of the products, depending and the treated raw material. In the rationally organized processing, seasoning peppers have the central place and more than a half of the production accounts for this agricultural culture. Likewise numerous households in this region, the company started its operations with peppers, which are subsequently extended to processing of other vegetables. In parallel with increase in processing capacities, placement was increasingly higher and the markets in the immediate vicinity became insufficient. For this reason, the company searched for the customers on other markets, and thus “SD” company may be currently considered primarily export-oriented company, since more than 90% of its products are found on the foreign markets. The manufacture is carried out in accordance with ISO 22000 standard, and products are placed on the markets in France, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska and Macedonia, with an aim to improve considerably placement on the domestic market, as stressed by the “SD” senior managers, due to the recognized constant demands for seasoning peppers in these regions, particularly in meat processing industry.

Vegetables used for processing in “SD” facilities are completely domestic, procured exclusively from farms from Vojvodina. Even seeds of the seasoning peppers are domestic. It is believed that competitive producers from the neighboring countries are not able to achieve seed quality comparable to the one achieved in this region. Undoubtedly, such a quality is vastly influenced by tradition, experience, technological approach, climatic conditions and insolation of the region.