Food, spice, medicine…

Many will say that it is hard to imagine any cuisine without onions! And indeed, who can argue that they are wrong? Onion’s distinct flavor gives particular taste to the food and it is known to stimulate the appetite! Highly valuable nutrients contained in onions help the organism in its fight against numerous diseases. They strengthen the heart, purify blood, help in numerous inflammations and prevent insomnia… It is considered by nutritionists one of the most important food products in human nutrition, which should be, in different forms, a part of daily diet.
Just like with other raw materials processed at SD, for the quality of onion intended for drying are crucial the contents of the dry matter and flavour achieved. Following the preliminary processing procedures and drying, onion is transported for calibration and thereafter packed as slices and powder. It is used in the food industry, in industrially made soups, meat-processing industry, and as a spice.