Represented in the diet all over the world. Useful in preserving health and preparing many diet dishes …

This seasonal perennial herbaceous plant that grows all over the world, crosses is adapted to various climates, so today it is known about 1,500 types of potatoes. The underground tree (trough) is used in the diet and the coating is of a shape of different sizes. The fourth agricultural crop in the world, it is useful in preserving health, and it is well known that many dietary dishes are just based on potatoes.
Although autumn is “his” time, potatoes can be processed in other periods of the year due to persistence. In the production plants of SD, white and red potatoes are treated, and during processing it is peeled, cut into dices, measuring 10x10x4 mm, blanched and then in the form and dried. Packages for wholesale are 20kg. This is prepared, it is applied in the food industry and the shelf life of the product is one year.